Vietnam Veterans of America
Chapter 965

"Keeping the Memory Alive with 965"

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Vietnam Veterans of America




Chapter 965
Edgemere Maryland


"Keeping the Memory Alive with 965"




Calendar Of Events:

VVA Family Picnic 9/15/2018 12:00 - 5:00 Edgemere VFW

Fall Dance  12/1/2018  7:00pm - 11:00pm  $15.00/ Person Music By The MONALDI'S
Draft Beer Wine  Soda Set Ups Chips Pretzels  BYOB  Edgemere VFW

 Army Navy Game  12/8/2018 3:00 - ?  Bring A Potluck  Dish
Free Hamburgers & Hotdogs Cash Bar Edgemere VFW

Spring Dance  4/6/2019  7:00pm - 11:00pm  $15.00/ Person Music By The MONALDI'S
Draft Beer Wine Soda Set Ups Chips Pretzels   BYOB   Edgemere VFW

Here's a musical, apolitical, first-hand account of day to day life
while serving in combat, in-country, circa 1968.

You've not seenanything like it. Promise.

The main point about this project is that it shreds stereotypes about Vietnam veterans, allowing for--and encouraging--dialogue
(which often leads to healing)....

Hit the link for the DC event May 24

Inner View Productions is thrilled to announce the
East Coast 
premiere of their new, groundbreaking documentary film,

Vietnam: An Inner View
 Thursday, May 24

Washington, DC, at the Avalon Theatre.

Our collective mission at Inner View Productions is to bring veterans out of isolation and to encourage dialogue between veterans, their loved ones & the community at large.

Vietnam: An Inner View offers an APOLITICAL, compassionate look at life in country circa 1968. With MUSIC and DETAIL like you've never seen.

Short trailer:

The brand new soundtrack is here.

Our project has been covered extensively by interested media over the past five years, with radio interviews (Jefferson Public Radio, Sacramento's Capital Public Radio [twice], Oregon Public Broadcasting, this PRINDI-winning spot on KLCC, and so on), TV and print media spots wherever we have traveled to make our presentations.

Time for our big splash.

We have received uniformly positive press reviews on 1000 Yard Stare: THE PHOTOBOOK (Stackpole Books, 2017), Vietnam: An Inner View: THE FILM, and—most recently—for the Soundtrack Album.

Both the film and photobook are uniformly lauded for their insight, compassion & humanity.

Reactions from civilians are to be more thoroughly evaluated after the film goes online (Netflix, iTunes, etc).

This is a good anecdote about a recent event.


I attended a "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans" Celebration last night sponsored by Hospice of the Chesapeake. I was a little reluctant to attend, but must say after going with my wife & some of our VVA Chapter members, was glad I did. It was held at the BWI Hilton, who did a great job with the hors d'oeuvres and drinks. There were several guest speakers, three of whom I really think  touched everyone in the audience & deserve a special "Thank You" . The first was MIDN Sarah Howard who thanked all the Vietnam Veterans for their efforts and sacrifices during the Vietnam War. MIDN Howard explained how the Vietnam Veterans rescued her family from the North Vietnam troops who were taking over the South. MIDN Howard is now a very proud member of the U.S. Navy attending the U.S. Navy Academy in Annapolis in Maryland. After her speech there were many wet faces in the audience as well as hers. One could definitely tell it was most heartfelt, not to mention her commitment to the United States with her service in the United States Navy.

The other outstanding speaker was Command Sgt. Major Forbes from the U.S. Army who gave a very inspirational message, and after his message, I believe most of the Vietnam Veterans in the audience were ready to reenlist.

Last, but definitely not least was Vietnam Veteran Wayne L. Miller (USMC) who did his GREAT rendition to "God Bless the U.S.A." All in all, I believe it was a very well planned event and enjoyed by all the Vietnam Veterans in attendance. Once again Thank you to Hospice of the Chesapeake and all of their co-partners, as well as the BWI Hilton.

                                                                    Gary Budny
                                                                  VVA Chapter 965

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